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View Box works with any Smartphone from 4.5 to 6 inches screen.

View Box features unique seamless design and great ergonomics.

Soft neoprene follows the curves of your head and most of the weight rests comfotably on your forehead.


When folded to envelope state, View Box is very mobile.

It is the thinnest refoldable VR headset.

In envelope state View Box measures in at 150x150x30 mm

5.9x5.9x1.2 inches

Aspheric lenses allows for great focus at the periheral edges.

The lenses have built in brackets for easy adjustment of

inter pupilar distance (IPD)

Ingot is a insanely cheap Input device. It is printable and works in six degrees of freedom. Currently under development.


Use the QR marker above to set up your phone for Viewbox.


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